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Rabu, 20 September 2023

How to Reset Player Progression in eFootball


eFootball, Konami's soccer simulation game, offers players the chance to build their dream teams and compete in various modes. As you play eFootball, your players gain experience points (XP) and improve their skills over time. 

However, there may come a time when you want to start fresh or experiment with different strategies. In such cases, you might consider resetting your player progression. This guide will walk you through the steps to reset player progression in eFootball, allowing you to begin anew or make different choices in developing your team.

Understanding Player Progression in eFootball

Jarvis Medium said that player progression in eFootball is a crucial aspect of the game. As your players participate in matches and complete various actions, such as scoring goals or making assists, they earn XP. This XP contributes to the growth and development of your players, enhancing their attributes, skills, and overall performance on the field.

While player progression is essential for building a competitive team, there might be situations where you want to reset it. Common reasons for resetting player progression in eFootball include:

  1. Starting Fresh: You may want to begin a new career or team and prefer to have all players start at a base level of progression.

  2. Experimentation: To try different tactics, formations, or player development strategies, you might want to reset progression to see how different choices affect your team's performance.

  3. Mistakes or Regrets: If you made mistakes in allocating skill points or are unhappy with your players' current development paths, a reset can provide a chance for a do-over.

Now, let's explore the steps to reset player progression in eFootball.

Steps to Reset Player Progression in eFootball

To reset player progression in eFootball, follow these steps:

1. Access the Player Progression Menu:

  • Launch eFootball and navigate to the main menu.

  • From the main menu, select the "Edit" option. This will open the Edit menu, where you can manage your team and players.

  • Within the Edit menu, select "Player" to access the Player Progression menu.

2. Select the Player to Reset:

  • In the Player Progression menu, you will see a list of your players. Scroll through the list and select the player or players whose progression you want to reset.

3. Choose "Reset Progression":

  • After selecting a player, you should see an option called "Reset Progression" or something similar. The exact wording may vary depending on the game's version or updates.

  • Select "Reset Progression" to initiate the process.

4. Confirm the Reset:

  • The game will likely prompt you to confirm your decision to reset the selected player's progression. Review the confirmation message carefully.

5. Confirm All Changes:

  • Confirm the reset by following the on-screen prompts. This usually involves selecting "Yes" or "Confirm."

6. Repeat for Other Players (Optional):

  • If you want to reset progression for multiple players, repeat the process for each player individually.

7. Save Your Changes:

  • After resetting the desired players' progression, be sure to save your changes. The game will typically prompt you to do so.

8. Exit the Edit Menu:

  • Once you have reset progression for the players you wanted, exit the Edit menu and return to the main menu.

9. Start a New Career or Continue Playing:

  • With the player progression reset, you can now start a new career mode or continue playing with the refreshed player progression.

Important Considerations:

  • Some versions of eFootball may have different menus or options for resetting player progression. Be sure to explore the in-game menus thoroughly if you can't find the option in the locations described above.

  • Resetting player progression may not affect other aspects of your team, such as your team's stats, achievements, or league progress. It primarily resets individual player progression.

  • Consider the impact of resetting progression on your team's overall performance. Starting with lower-level players may make the game more challenging initially.

Resetting player progression in eFootball provides you with a fresh start and the opportunity to experiment with different strategies and player development choices. Whether you want to begin a new career, correct mistakes, or simply try something different, following the steps outlined in this guide will help you reset player progression in eFootball and tailor your team to your preferences. Enjoy your renewed gaming experience and lead your team to victory on the virtual soccer field.